The Art Of Haggling And Other Money Secrets

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Mortgage

The old saying, "Knowledge is power," applies to so many different areas in life. When you are aware of how certain things really work, you can make sound decisions that you can be proud of. If you've had a mortgage before and weren't too happy with the terms, you might be searching for ways to get a sweeter deal the next time around. The tips below should help you get a mortgage with a great rate when you're ready to take the plunge and purchase a house once again.

A Local Lender Might Be The Best Bet

Because it's so easy for people to go online and get nearly anything they could ever want, it's tempting to go the same route when you need a mortgage. So many websites have a system in place where all you have to do is plug in a few bits of information and you instantly see what kind of mortgage you qualify for. This is a very tempting route to take, but you have to think a little deeper if you want the best deal.

Getting your mortgage from a local lender transforms you from a number to an actual person. There could be circumstances listed on your credit report which don't really reflect who you truly are. If you talk to a lender in person you can explain how you fell behind on bills in the past because of an illness. It's this kind of firsthand information that could make it possible for you to get a much better rate on your mortgage.

Avoid Making Big Purchases Before Applying

If you've taken time to get your credit score up or have finally been promoted to the job of your dreams, it's hard to avoid the pull to make big-ticket purchases. A shiny new car is the ultimate status symbol, and you can just imagine how great that vehicle is going to look pulled up into the driveway of your home.

As hard as it may be, try to avoid making big purchases just prior to applying for a mortgage. Expensive purchases take up more of the money that could be used to pay the mortgage. It's a red flag for some lenders and could make it tough for you to get the most favorable terms.

Your next mortgage could include all of the features you want if you just know how to go about it. Start with these tips, and you might be able to get just what you desire.