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3 Facts to Verify Before Sending an International Wire Transfer

Sending money to someone living in a different country isn't always easy. You can't just give the individual cash, and you can't visit their bank branch and deposit money into their account. The easiest way to move money between countries is with an international wire transfer.

These transactions essentially allow you to move money directly from your bank to a recipient's bank. This reduces the risk of fraud and helps ensure the timely delivery of the money.

To ensure that your international wire transfer goes smoothly, there are several facts that you should verify before initiating the transfer.

1. Transfer Speed

An international wire transfer must sometimes be transmitted through several banks in order to reach its final destination. Each bank must process the transfer and initiate the movement of the money to the next bank along the way.

Processing can take time, which will affect how quickly the recipient can access the money you send via international wire transfer.

Contact your bank and verify the delivery timeframe for your international wire transfer. This will give you a delivery window that you can forward to the money's recipient so he or she will know when to expect the money to arrive in their account.

2. Transfer Limits

Another important fact to check before starting an international wire transfer is the limit imposed on these transactions by your bank.

Some financial institutions place a limit on the amount that can be sent in a single wire transfer, or the amount that can be sent via wire transfer in a single day. You need to be familiar with these limits so that you can plan your own wire transfer accordingly.

You should also have the recipient check with their financial institution to determine if incoming wire transfer limits will apply.

3. Required Information

International wire transfers are designed to provide a secure way for people to send money from one country to another. As a result, there will be strict guidelines in place regarding the claiming of a wire transfer.

You should check with the recipient's financial institution to determine what information will be needed to complete the transfer. This will help you create a wire transfer that is easy for your recipient to claim.

Be sure that you use the correct spelling of the recipient's name, the correct routing and account numbers, and include any other required information on the transfer slip to avoid processing delays.

To learn more, ask your bank if they offer international wire transfers