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5 Investment Assets To Look For At Estate Sales

Diversification of investments goes beyond just choosing a more balanced mix of stocks and bonds. For many, it also means investing in physical assets that appreciate in value. Many of these can be found by even the most casual hard asset investor at an estate sale. What might you find at estate sales to boost your retirement plans or portfolio growth? Here are five of the most common things. 

1. Antique Furniture. Estate sales are some of the best places to find vintage and antique furniture. These items have enough value to warrant being cleaned up and sold, but they're often large enough that an estate sale is the only place you're likely to see them. And unlike most collectible assets, furnishings can serve double duty in your home while you wait for the market for each piece to rise. 

2. Rare Books. Books are not often on people's lists when shopping at estate sales, so you can find real bargains. First editions are the best, and you can often see indications that a book is an actual first edition. But because vintage books are often sold very cheaply, you can afford to take more of a risk with these. 

3. Original Art. Always take a close look at original artwork and sculptures in estate sales. There's a market for most artistic pieces from established, even local, artists. And even if it has no famous provenance, buyers are often looking for striking pieces that speak to them rather than just well-known names or places. 

4. Memorabilia. Many estate sales for those who have passed away include a wide range of memorabilia and collections. Within the right market, memorabilia can be a goldmine for investors. Its rare — and often one-of-a-kind — nature means you buy something few or no one else has. And devoted fans of something are often willing to pay high prices to own a piece of it. 

5. Vintage Jewelry. One of the more popular items to buy at estate sales is vintage jewelry. But look beyond just the diamond rings and pearl necklaces. Costume jewelry has value if you know the market. And even buying a group of less-expensive pieces could result in gems or metals to sell separately. Do your research first, though, as you won't be able to get an outside evaluation. 

Want to know more about shopping for any of these investment assets at estate sales? Start by visiting a local estate sale service in your area. They'll help you find upcoming sales, learn the etiquette, and know what to expect. 

For more information on estate sales, contact a professional near you.